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The Silent Treatment Stop Snoring Tongue Trainer Device

We are aware that many of us have lost our loved ones to the lethal condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea. We also understand how difficult it is to endure sleepless nights because we have family members close by who are snoring and suffering OSA events. With such situations in mind, we have become more passionate with our goal to help people whose lives are blighted by snoring and sleep apnea.

We have complete faith in our product – The Silent Treatment, stop snoring solutions & tongue trainer device is uniquely designed to allow complete control over the position in which the tongue is held. Unlike other stop snoring solutions & products, stop snoring mouthpiece devices should be able to help a wide spectrum of possible consumers, from light snorers to severe OSA sufferers.

The Silent Treatment ticks all the boxes – affordable, comfortable and efficient. Here at Rowarth Design Ltd, the home of The Silent Treatment, we just want to see everyone get a good night’s sleep!

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