The Silent Treatment Stop Snoring Mouthpiece   ST-1

The Silent Treatment Stop Snoring Mouthpiece ST-1

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Tongue trainer mouthpiece device for the control of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

The underside of this oral appliance is covered in hundreds of tiny spurs. These spurs are shaped, spaced and angled to precisely mesh with the papillae. This keeps your tongue in the flattened, forward position that it stays in when you are awake, but because there are so many of them there is no harm or discomfort. It's rather like Velcro. One hook and loop pair on its own would do nothing but hundreds of them working together is amazingly effective. The tendency for your tongue to rise as it relaxes keeps enough gentle pressure on the spurs to maintain the engagement throughout the night. And after a few nights of using your snoring mouthpiece, the phenomenon known as muscle memory will kick in.Your tongue is a muscle, and it will remember the position it has been staying in while you sleep and you will find you only need to use the device for a few hours a week, just to keep the memory active.

To fit it to your mouth, you will need to boil and bite your dental device. The bulbs on the sides are made of a special material which will soften in boiling water enough for you to bite them into the shape of your teeth. When it has cooled down, and you want to use it, you simply pop it into your mouth, putting your tongue in a comfortable, forward position to engage with the spurs.

This Sleep Apnea mouthpiece device and snoring solution will comfortably hold the tongue in its normal awake position, while at the same time holding the lower jaw in its correct and natural position. These two actions effectively combine to comfortably and harmlessly prevent the tongue from drifting back to block the airway.