Shipping info


 Shipping cost is the same to anywhere in the world – we have already included it in the price. As for delivery:

  • Within New Zealand – will be delivered by courier within 2 or 3 working days.
  • Overseas – will be sent by International Air Post and delivered within 7 to 15 working days. If you still haven’t received it after 3 weeks, then you should check with your local post office depot. They will often leave the parcel at the depot until they have a ‘light’ day to deliver it.
  • If you wish to pay extra for a faster, tracked delivery service, select "Express Shipping" as your shipping method.
  • Please also see Covid-19 Update below.
  • Special Note to Canadian buyers: We are currently experiencing ridiculously long delays at Canadian customs with posted deliveries - up to 7 weeks! If you need it faster than that, we would recommend ordering International Courier delivery.
  • Please be aware that some countries (such as the UK) can, and sometimes do, apply VAT or other import tariffs to your consignment, thus delaying delivery until the fees are paid. This appears to be completely at the discretion of the customs officer who is processing your consignment, and while extremely rare, does happen from time to time.
  • Covid-19 Update: The above delivery times are pre-covid. While there are no delays our end, some destination countries are experiencing significant lockdown related delays in mail delivery times. One recent delivery to the UK took thirteen weeks! We strongly urge the use of the International Courier service is there is any urgency in the delivery of the device.
  • ST-2   Purchasers of the new ST-2 device from Australia, the USA and, of course, New Zealand can expect delivery within a few working days of placing the order.