Tired of snoring?

Tired of snoring?

All you need is The Silent Treatment

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We understand you

We are aware that many of us have lost our loved ones to the lethal condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea. We also understand how difficult it is to endure sleepless nights because we have family members close by who are snoring and suffering OSA events.

The Silent Treatment, stop snoring solutions & tongue trainer device is uniquely designed to allow complete control over the position in which the tongue is held.

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We understand you

The Silent Treatment Stop Snoring Tongue Trainer Mouthpiece

Now everybody can get a good night sleep

The Silent Treatment Stop Snoring & Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece
  • BPA Free

    It is moulded in food grade polypropylene, and is guaranteed to be non toxic and completely free of BPA.
  • Adjustable

    It is not possible to state unequivocally that it can be made to fit everyone, but it can be adjusted in all directions.
  • It last ages

    With reasonable care, (rinse it off in the morning, maybe clean the spurs with your toothbrush) The Silent Treatment Stop Snoring Tongue Device should last for years.
  • For all kind of breathers

    Users report that if the mouth opens during sleep the device stays engaged with the upper teeth due to the gentle upwards pressure the tongue is exerting on the underside of the device.

How The Silent Treatment works

By Mike Rowarth

User Comments

They have never slept better...

Yours is the only mouthpiece that makes sense.
It amazes me how well it holds my tongue without any discomfort.
We had almost given up when we found your website.
My wife tells me it works like a charm.
We had tried everything, yours was the first that actually did work.
The MAD damaged my jaw, nothing else worked. The ST is great.