The Silent Treatment - ST-2 Instructions for Use

How to use the ST-2:

Just pop it into your mouth with the curved wall at the front, either sitting between your upper lip and your upper front teeth, or outside your upper lip, whichever is the most comfortable. From there, just push your tongue forward, then up, to engage with the spurs. Your tongue will then naturally want to move back but it can't because it is engaged with the spurs. This in turn helps keep the device in place. 

If you are finding that the device comes out of position while you are asleep, that is just your mouth rejecting it because it is not used to having it there. Wear the device during the day as you go about your normal routine and your mouth will soon become accustomed to it being there. Any excess saliva production will return to normal at this time too.

If you wish to remove any parts, such as the breathing channels, hold it in boiling water for 10 seconds then cut with a sharp knife or scissors.