Snoring Sleep Apnea Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why should I stop snoring? What are the side effects of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea?

A: Snoring interferes with your normal hormonal function – the snorer produces excess Cortisol (known as the stress hormone). This causes your metabolism to slow down, leading to weight gain. Excessive deposits of visceral fat will form around your internal organs, mostly in the belly area.
Poor sleep reduces the levels of Leptin and increases the levels of Ghrelin. This increases your feelings of hunger. This in turn leads to weight gain, including fatty deposits around your soft palette and throat, making the snoring worse. It's a vicious circle, and if unchecked, will progress to Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a seriously life threatening condition. Researchers at the world famous Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, USA, are convinced, and are in the process of proving, that when otherwise healthy people die in their sleep, their deaths are a direct result of OSA.
Lack of quality sleep affects your immune system. This leads to minor or major illnesses. It is also a factor in the development of depression and insomnia, again a vicious circle.
Snoring causes circulatory disorders, leading to heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction in men.
And, of course, there is the relationship issues of preventing your partner from getting quality sleep , and the ever present problem of general daytime fatigue – how often do you find yourself falling asleep while driving?
The Silent Treatment Stop Snoring Tongue Device is not only saving relationships, it is saving lives!

Q: Should I be worried about the Coronavirus?

A: If you are experiencing apnea episodes, then yes, you should be. Sleep apnea reduces the effectiveness of your immune system to defend against infections, so if exposed, you will be more likely to contract it and it will likely take on a more aggressive form than it otherwise would have. Plus, as a respiratory infection, it will exacerbate your sleep apnea to possibly critical levels. 

Q: Why can't I find any reviews of this product on the internet?

A: The marketers of inferior snoring control products have flooded the web with glowing reviews of their products which are so obviously faked it would be laughable if it were not so outrageous. They have even gone to such lengths as to create "review" websites where a number of snoring products are tested, with, naturally, their product coming out on top. We will not participate in such deception. Our product's merits over other designs are obvious and irrefutable.
As for user reviews, unfortunately there is a stigma attached to snoring, which prevents snorers from "going public" with a review. And anonymous reviews are, understandably, immediately suspect.

Q: Is this a "boil and bite" type device? I tried one and it caused my front teeth to loosen and hurt my jaw. my dentist told me to stop using it.

A: This device is fitted to your teeth by boiling and biting, but it differs from a MAD (mandibular advancement device) in several very important ways. MADs are designed to force your lower jaw forward, using your teeth, particularly your front teeth, for leverage. This obviously places a lot of strain on your teeth and jaw joint. The reason for forcing your lower jaw forward is that your tongue, which is attached to your lower jaw, will go forward with it. Since in almost all cases it is the back of the tongue moving against the soft palette which causes the snoring, it is hoped that this will help. And in some cases it does, but loose teeth and a damaged jaw joint is a high price to pay. The Silent Treatment, however, utilizes your side teeth only to hold the device in place, and directly and harmlessly holds you tongue in a natural, forward and flattened position to prevent it moving up and back to block the airway. It does not touch your front teeth at all and it does not attempt to force your lower jaw forward of its natural position.

Update: The new style device ST-2 is now available - no fitting required!

Q: This whole "muscle memory" thing seems a bit far-fetched. is it for real?

A: Muscle memory is very real. We use it every day without even realising it. It is the science behind the old saying "Practice makes perfect". It is how a touch typist, or a piano player, can hit the right keys without looking at them.
Of course, it isn't the muscle itself that is retaining the memory. Your tongue is acting on automatic function signals from the cerebral cortex part of your brain. Just like the signals that keep your eyes closed and your heart beating while you sleep.

Q: It sounds too good to be true. what's the catch?

A: It does, doesn't it?
Here at Rowarth Design we recognise and accept that:
> For people who have endured years of poor quality sleep and suffered numerous OSA events night after night it can be very hard to believe that such a simple little thing can turn all that around,
>often those same people have tried every other snoring solution available and found them all wanting. They have come to believe that they will never find a solution that "ticks all the boxes" for them.
> purchasing stuff on the internet, especially from another country, necessitates the suspension of normal, human levels of trust. This trust needs to be replaced with deep suspicion, a healthy dose of scepticism, along with heaps of cynicism.
So, with the above in mind, we would like to make the following observation:
As we state in the guarantee, if, after working through any issues you may have, we conclude that The Silent Treatment is not suitable for you, you WILL get your money back. But even if you don't feel confident that we will honour that pledge, you can still make your purchase with total peace of mind. You can be secure in the knowledge that, should it be necessary, you can still get your money back using the payment processor's dispute resolution service or your credit card provider's chargeback service.
So, what is the catch?
Well, at this point we could glibly say "There isn't one" but that would not be entirely true.
As is the case with all intra-oral devices, it can take a little while for your mouth to become accustomed to it. A few customers have reported really struggling with it. If you are struggling, please contact us. We have a few tricks up our sleeves which can get you over that hump quite quickly.

Update: The new style device  ST-2 is now available - mouth acceptance seems to be much quicker.

> New Zealand's isolation down here at the bottom of the world means that, to get your order to you at a reasonable price we are forced to use the regular postal service. Postal services around the world are rapidly becoming run down and inefficient and this, combined with delays occurring at the border of the destination country, can mean it can take a fortnight or more to get your order to you. You do have the option of selecting a faster, tracked service if desired. For this option select “Stripe” payment processor.

Update: Shipments of the ST-2 to USA and Australia should now take only a few days to arrive.

Q: Is this product BPA free?

A: Yes, it is moulded in food grade polypropylene, and is guaranteed to be non toxic and completely free of BPA and other undesirable compounds.

Q: I'm confused - is this product for snoring or obstructive sleep apnea?

A: The Silent Treatment helps prevent both conditions. OSA(Obstructive Sleep Apnea) is a severe form of snoring. Snoring occurs as a result of partial blocking of the airway, but an OSA event occurs when the airway is blocked completely, resulting in the victim waking up in order to begin breathing again.

Q: I wear dentures - will it work for me?

A: The Silent Treatment will certainly "grab" your tongue in the prescribed manner, and denture wearers who keep their dentures in at night will have no issues. Those who remove the dentures at night will have to form The Silent Treatment side bulbs to their gums and this may not hold the device in place as well as the dentures would. Everybody is different, but generally, we would recommend keeping the dentures in at night.

Update: The new style device ST-2 is now available - equally effective with or without dentures.

Q: My partner tells me I snore but I don't believe her.

A: Believe her! If you are over 40 and you genuinely never snore then YOU ARE A FREAK! This is because snoring is caused by a basic flaw in the design of the human body. So don't be offended or embarrassed to admit it - we all snore, at least occasionally.
And you are not alone in turning to the Internet for a solution to your snoring. Globally, there are 150,000 snoring related internet searches every day.

Q: I sleep on my back - will it work for me?

A: With back sleepers the mouth tends to fall open which may reduce the effectiveness due to the disengagement of the lower teeth with the product but the tongue control will remain in place. Users report that the mouth becomes accustomed to the device faster if they are lying on their side.

Q: I'm not sure I can handle going to sleep with something in my mouth.

A: Trust me, you will get used to it after a night or two, in the same way denture and dental plate wearers get used to it. The bottom line is this: If you need to stop snoring the only viable alternatives to having something in your mouth are having a mask over your face and a compressor running beside you, or surgery to your throat.

Q: A lot of snoring prevention products are aimed at opening up the nasal passages. how are they supposed to work?

A: They don't work. Well, they don't stop the snoring. At best they turn the volume down a bit if, without it, the snorer has trouble breathing through his nose. Because the source of the snoring is downstream of the nasal passages, opening them up so the mouth can remain closed will not stop the snoring but it may not be so loud. As discussed earlier, The Silent Treatment Stop Snoring Tongue Device will continue to work with an open mouth.


Update: The ST-2 comes with breathing channels built in - perfect for mouth breathers. They can close their mouths and still be able to breath.

Q: Chin straps are often offered as a snoring fix on their own - do they work?

A: Not on their own, in fact a poorly designed chin strap can do more harm than good - if it pulls the lower jaw back it can worsen the snoring and, over time, damage your jaw. A chin strap on its own will at best muffle the snoring a bit by forcing the snorer to breath through his nose. As discussed in the previous question, the source of the snoring is further downstream.

Q: Can you guarantee that it will work for me?

A: All intra-oral snoring products have the same end goal – to prevent the tongue drifting back and blocking the airway. Our design achieves this in a more direct, efficient and comfortable way than all the others. We therefore most certainly guarantee that a properly fitted Silent Treatment Stop Snoring Tongue Device will control your tongue in the prescribed manner. Furthermore, because the user can control how far forward his tongue is held, we further guarantee that this tongue control will alleviate the snoring. However, in extreme cases, this may not be enough to eliminate the snoring completely.
We believe The Silent Treatment will not be suitable for:
>Those snorers for whom the tongue is not the cause of the snoring. This is rare but it does happen. It is also often a combination of factors, the tongue being one of them to a significant degree.
>People who talk in their sleep or otherwise move their tongue around a lot during sleep.
>People with very small mouths. Usually this is the result of having teeth removed when much younger to correct perceived orthodontic issues, allowing the mouth to shrink in adulthood. This is purely a matter of insufficient space in the mouth to accommodate the device comfortably and of the side teeth being too close together to line up with the device side pads. Because the tongue doesn't shrink in proportion to the mouth size, people in this category often have a major problem with snoring, and we will be looking into producing a smaller version of the device to help them.

Update: The new style device ST-2 is now available - perfect for small mouths.

>People who cannot tolerate having something in their mouths.
If you don't fall into any of the above categories the device should be suitable for you. In the unlikely event that you see little improvement in snoring levels, please contact us: We will work through the issues with you and, if we end up deciding that The Silent Treatment Stop Snoring Tongue Device is not suitable for you, we will cheerfully refund the purchase price. Furthermore we will discuss the issues with you and advise you on your options for finding a solution.

Q: How do I know if it will fit me?

A: Please see the previous answer. It is not possible to state unequivocally that it can be made to fit everyone, but it can be adjusted in all directions. We now supply in the pack a clip which, when used during the boiling process, reduces the width at the front while maintaining the width at the back. This means it is more suitable for a "V" shaped jaw, where not using the clip makes it more suitable for a "U" shaped jaw. If necessary, we will work with you to get the perfect fit, and if we don't succeed you will get your money back. If you are not sure, ask us to send you a copy of the fitting instructions.
If your mouth is very small it may not be suitable. If the space between your back teeth, side to side, is less than 30mm, it will probably not be suitable.

Update: The new style device ST-2 should be comfortable for all users.

Q: It looks like it might be uncomfortable to wear?

A: Please see the previous two questions and answers.
Don't let the sharpish looking edges of the spurred surface fool you. Properly fitted to a normal size mouth they will go into the space between your side teeth without contacting any part of your mouth, except, of course, your tongue. The tiny spurs will cause no discomfort to your tongue, any more than eating a hard coconut biscuit would. Again, almost every user should find the ST-2 very comfortable to wear.

Q: Will I need to boil and bite the device every night?

A: Definitely not! Once the side bulbs have cooled they will revert to being firm and will retain their new shape indefinitely. You will only need to boil and bite again if you have dental work done which changes the shape of your teeth.

Update: The ST-2 requires no fitting at all.

Q: My doctor says there are no viable alternatives to cpap. he says oral devices for sleep apnea will harm me in the longer term. is he right?

A: In the past, obstructive sleep apnea treatment options have been very limited.
Many sufferers have been searching for a treatment without CPAP because they cannot tolerate the mask, the noise, the nasal issues, or the bloating. Or they are put off by the sleep apnea appliance cost.
But using a mouth splint to control sleep apnea is far from ideal.
As explained elsewhere on this website, a mandibular advancement device (MAD) will, over time, loosen your front teeth and damage your jaw joints. It makes no difference whether the device is being used to treat occasional, mild snoring or, at the other end of the scale, severe obstructive sleep apnea. The facts remain: it works by forcing your lower jaw forward of its natural position using your front teeth for leverage.
The Silent Treatment, on the other hand, works in a completely different way which will not harm you, ever. Guaranteed.
Your doctor is probably not aware of recent innovations in the field of oral devices for snoring and sleep apnea such as The Silent Treatment Stop Snoring Tongue Trainer device.

Q: How long will it take before I get it?

A: Purchasers in New Zealand, Australia and the USA  - sent by courier, you should receive it within 2 or 3 working days.
Overseas other than the above - Sent by International Air Post, it will probably arrived at your border the day after dispatch. However, experience shows us that delays getting through Customs and the local postal system can still mean it can take five to fifteen working days to reach you. Or even longer with Covid 19 creating problems at borders around the world.

Q: How long will it last?

A: With reasonable care, (rinse it off in the morning, maybe clean the spurs with your toothbrush) The Silent Treatment Stop Snoring Tongue Device should last for years.

Q: Can I get this product from a local shop?

A: Leading pharmacies in New Zealand now stock it. We are currently working our way through the mountains of regulatory red tape which will eventually allow us to sell the product from retail and online outlets in other countries, but for now it is only available from this website.

Q: How much is shipping to my country?

A: Shipping is free to anywhere in the world, the cost is included in the price shown.

Q: What if this is a scam?

Yes, we are often asked that. If this was a scam our payment processors would not partner with us and you would find us on every scamwatch website on the web.

Q: I am a mouth breather, will it work for me?

A: Users report that if the mouth opens during sleep the device stays engaged with the upper teeth due to the gentle upwards pressure the tongue is exerting on the underside of the device. This means that it stays in place and continues to work.
However, human anatomical differences make it impossible to state unequivocally that it will work for everybody. We do guarantee that if you try it and it doesn't work for you, you will get a full refund.

Update: The new ST-2 device is perfect for mouth breathers with its built in breathing channels.

Q: Why do you quote the price in us dollars when you are based in New Zealand?

A: The product is sold all over the world, and globally the US dollar is the universal currency. Most people have at least a rough idea how their currency converts to US dollars, whereas they probably have barely heard of New Zealand, let alone know their exchange rate with the NZ dollar. Besides, both payment processors we use are American companies and their platforms are set up to work in US dollars.

Q: I grind my teeth, will this be a problem?

A: The device, properly fitted, will prevent teeth grinding by providing a barrier between upper and lower teeth, as well as holding the lower jaw in place relative to the upper jaw, thus preventing movement. For teeth grinders, we recommend the ST-1.

Q: My partner tells me I have apnea episodes but i don't snore. will the silent treatment help me?

A: It can and does happen that a non-snorer has obstructive sleep apnea episodes. It all comes down to how the various bits and pieces in the airway interact with each other.
However, it is more likely that, rather than OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) you are having episodes of CSA (central sleep apnea). Central is where the signals from the cerebral cortex part of your brain which remind you to breath while asleep stop happening. No anti snoring aid (including CPAP) will help with that. You should seek a professional assessment without delay. If a "sleepover" at your local clinic is a bridge too far at this stage there are apps you can download on to your smartphone which will monitor your breathing while you sleep.

Q: Is this product safe?

A: It certainly is. Of the tens of thousands sold we have not had any safety issues. Furthermore, the Silent Treatment has been notified to the WAND medical devices database. This means that should a safety issue arise the appropriate authorities are able to deal with it in a timely manner.

Q: Does this product have IP protection?

A: Yes, NZ Provisional Patent Application No. 604047 applies and covers all countries which are signatories to the World Intellectual Property Organisation Patent Co-operation Treaty. The Silent Treatment name is trademarked. Also, the design is registered.

Q: Do you have a video showing the fitting procedure?

A: Not as such but go here for a review by Robert Thomas which includes a demo of the fitting procedure:

Q: Is this product approved by the FDA?

A: Not yet. We are in the process of gathering feedback from users to make sure the design is as good as it can be before undertaking the massive and very expensive task of submitting it to the FDA.