About Us

Hi, I am Michael Rowarth. My wife Shelley and I are the owners of Rowarth Design Ltd.
Shelley began complaining about my snoring back when I was in my mid-forties. Aside from the times when she would wake me from deep sleep, there would be times when I would  be lying in bed, thinking about something (as you do) and she would nudge me  and  tell  me to stop snoring. At first I thought she was dreaming, but it kept happening, and when she started referring to me as "Mike the Bike" (because I sounded like a Harley Davidson!) I decided to do a bit of research. I found out that it is very common to be in a state of consciousness while lying in bed in which your brain can be fully active (thinking about something) and yet you are actually snoring your head off and you are totally unaware of it.

Once I had reluctantly accepted that she wasn't dreaming and I was actually snoring, I embarked on a long, expensive and frustrating journey to find my snoring solution. I found that the retail market and the internet were awash with different stop snoring dental devices and other solutions.  One by one I checked them all out and found there wasn't a single stop snoring device, which ticked all the boxes. If it wasn't prohibitively expensive, it was uncomfortable or oppressive to use, or it simply didn't work.
I figured there had to be a better way. I am a toolmaker by trade and my entire career has been spent in manufacturing,  production engineering and product design, so I resolved to design a snoring and sleep apnoea prevention device which did tick all the boxes. I invested in a 3D printer to test my designs  and set to work. Over one hundred prototypes later,  the design we have decided to call  The Silent Treatment stood out from the others like a lighthouse on a dark night. Eureka!

Hi, I am Shelley Rowarth and this is my side of the story about my single minded clever clogs husband Michael and his invention.

I tried to put up with Michael's snoring but it just kept getting worse and when it got to to the point where I couldn't take it anymore he decided  to do something about it.
I am a very light sleeper and night after night, through the years before he decided to take action,  when he was trying the different snoring solutions, and when he was trying out his own designs, I would lie awake, trying to ignore it, hoping and praying. Finally my prayers were answered and The Silent Treatment worked! Now my nights are quiet and restful and I just want to see everyone else get a good night's sleep.

The company that is now known as Rowarth Design Ltd had its beginnings in the nineteen seventies providing specialised engineering services to customers all over the North Island of New Zealand. The company grew to being acknowledged as the leader in these specialised fields by customer and competitor alike due to its commitment to customer satisfaction.

The specialised areas were sold off in 2009 and the name was subsequently changed to Rowarth Design Ltd to reflect the new direction it was taking.

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