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The Pros And Cons of the Different Snoring Solutions on the Market

Discounting the silly "solutions" that obviously don't work, we are left with three main groups - surgery, cpap and mouthpieces.

Surgery is a bit of a lottery - around 50% of patients get no improvement at all, a significant number find the snoring/OSA is worse after the surgery, it is very expensive, and, whatever the outcome, there are NO refunds.

CPAP does work but it is also expensive and around 50% of users find they cannot tolerate it in the long term.

Mouthpieces vary hugely in cost, effectiveness and comfort. Mandibular advancement devices are known to be harmful in the longer term. Devices which effectively and comfortably control the tongue have a very high acceptance level - less than 2% of purchasers find it unsuitable.  

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All about snoring

Have you ever been told by your partner that you snore during sleep? You should  understand your partner is not making conversation, but she/he is actually complaining. Don't believe me?  Ask them if they are fine with it.

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Understanding the problem of snoring

Snoring is one of the most common problem faced by people all across the planet. It not only causes the patient to feel sleepless but also keeps the people around him awake because of the high volume sounds it causes them to make. A person who snores is often ridiculed for this and always has a guilt feel even though it is not something he is doing on purpose or is in control of.

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