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8 Tips to Prevent Insomnia to Help You Get the Sleep you Need!

On a large sample of veterans, a sleep study was conducted and found that those with diagnosed sleep disorders such as sleep apnea were 30 percent more likely to suffer dementia than veterans without those problems as per the researchers at the University of California at San Francisco found.

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Stepping Towards the Best Cure for Snoring!

About 41.5% of the population snores while in the US recent data puts the figure at 44% of men and 28% of women is what the British Snoring and Sleep Apnea Association estimates.

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Sleeping Positions Can Adversely Affect Snoring: Know How?

How does sleep positions can affect snoring and your overall health? There are different sleep positions that have their pros and cons. You must know which sleeping position is good for your health and which is worst. A bad sleeping position is not even good for your skin.

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