Frequently Asked Questions About Snoring

Even though millions of people snore each night, there is still a lot that is unknown about snoring. While some aspects of snoring still remain a mystery to scientists, we know a lot more about snoring than we did a few years ago. 

As providers of snoring solutions in Australia and beyond, Quitsnoring Solutions answer some of your most frequently asked questions with regards to snoring.

What Is Snoring?

Snoring can be defined as noisy breathing while you are sleeping. Snoring is caused by airway disruption and the vibration of the soft tissue of the back of the throat. While some people snore very softly, other people snore incredibly loudly.

Is it True That Men Snore More Than Women?

Yes, it is true that men are more likely to snore than women are. This is because female hormones often prevent snoring, and the male anatomy creates the ideal snoring environment. Males often have more fatty deposits in the neck. As women grow older, their chances of becoming a heavy snorer increases.

Is Snoring Problematic?

Snoring can become a problem when it begins to affect your sleep or your partner’s sleep. Because of the disruption to the airways, you’ll often have a lesser quality of sleep if you are a snorer.

Are There Any Solutions Out There to Help Me Stop Snoring?

There are actually quite a few solutions to help you stop snoring, such as specialised tongue training devices. Making changes to your lifestyle and losing weight may also help when it comes to managing your snoring.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is an extreme form of snoring. Your airways are continuously blocked, so much so that you may find yourself waking up and gasping for air multiple times in the night. 

Who is More Likely to be a Snorer?

Some people are more likely to snore than others, and these people include pregnant women, men, anyone over 50, people with small nostrils and those with recessed jaws.

Are you looking for snoring solutions in Australia that really work? Here at Quitsnoring Solutions, we offer a special tongue training device that keeps the tongue in position so that you do not snore. Over time your tongue will learn to stay in this position! 

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