ST-2  Universal fit Snoring and Sleep Apnea device.

ST-2 Universal fit Snoring and Sleep Apnea device.

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The ST-2 is a next-generation universal fit snoring and sleep apnea device that takes the previous revolutionary technology of the ST-1 and ramps it up to a whole new level. 

This new model is more comfortable and easier to fit, and it also accommodates a range of unconventionally shaped mouths, such as overbites and underbites, among others.

The patented design and registered technology employed in the ST range comfortably and safely hold the tongue in place to prevent it from moving back and blocking your airway while you sleep. 

The ST-2 is held in place by a curved section at the front end, which rests comfortably against your upper front teeth or upper lip. 

Unlike the previous ST-1 model, there is no “boiling” or “biting” required. The ST-2 is ready to start changing your life the moment you receive it.

The ST-2 also has built-in breathing channels for those who need to breathe through their mouths at night rather than their noses.

If desired, you can easily cut the breathing channels off; however, you might need to use them in the future, for example, if you suffer from a blocked nose. For this reason, in case such a need does arise, an additional ST-2 device is included in the pack at no extra cost. 

This means you can have access to one with breathing channels and one without. Alternatively, you can simply keep one as a spare should the other become damaged or lost.  

This represents incredible value, so order your ST-2 universal fit snoring and sleep apnea device today!

Free shipment to New Zealand, Australia, USA and UK is currently available. Other locations require payment for shipping for the time being.

Some of you have found the original Silent Treatment fitting procedure a bit vexing. . A few with small or unusually shaped mouths experienced some discomfort.. Or other problems which make fitting difficult have emerged, such as a severe overbite. Well, we have listened to your comments and we can now present our solution – the ST-2.

(We are now calling the original design the ST-1.)

While still using the patented and design registered technology to safely and comfortably hold the tongue and prevent it from moving back and blocking the airway during sleep, the ST-2 itself is held in place by a curved wall at the front which locates comfortably against the upper lip or the upper front teeth. There is no boiling and biting required – it is ready to start changing your life straight out of the box!

Additionally, the ST-2 has built in breathing channels for mouth breathers or for those users who, for whatever temporary or permanent reason, are unable to breath through their noses. Those users who don't need the channels can easily cut them off if desired, but in case a need does arise in the future, we are including an additional ST-2 device in the pack for free. This means you can have one with breathing channels and one without. And at US$48 for two devices, this represents incredible value which we may not be able to offer for very long. So order yours now!

The other issue we are working on is the abysmal delivery times we were seeing, with Covid related delays worsening an already bad situation when shipping from New Zealand. Now, purchasers in the USA, UK , Europe, Australia and, of course, New Zealand, can expect to receive their package within a few days of placing their order. In time other countries and regions around the world will enjoy similar delivery times. Watch this space! 

So which one is right for you?

We believe the vast majority will find the ST-2 meets their every need so we suggest you try the ST-2 first. If it is not working for you, contact us and we will weigh up all the issues and we may decide that the ST-1, with its additional feature of holding the lower jaw in place relative to the upper jaw, is a better option for you. If you grind your teeth during sleep, go for the ST-1.