How Snoring Affects Your Partner

Your partner may constantly complain about your snoring, or they may keep quiet and not say anything at all— not wanting to offend you. Either way, it is difficult to understand just how much your snoring affects your partner. As providers of stop snore devices in Australia, Quitsnoring solution explores some of the potential effects that your snoring can have on your partner.

Quantity of Sleep

One of the most obvious effects of snoring is that your partner may not get as much sleep as they would if they were sleeping alone. Snoring can be very loud and disturbing, and it may keep your partner up into the early hours. Their lack of sleep, or interrupted sleep, has many knock-off effects that we’ll discuss later.

Quality of Sleep

Even when your partner does eventually manage to fall asleep, their sleep quality may be reduced. They may struggle to get into a deep sleep where they are able to rest properly and get the sleep they need to function properly the next day.


Due to a lack of sleep quality and quantity, your partner’s mood may be heavily affected. Lack of sleep can cause irritability, moodiness, and even depression. The difference between having a good night’s sleep and having a bad night’s sleep is massive.

Performance at Work

Your partner also may begin to slip when it comes to their performance at work. Due to tiredness, they could end up falling asleep at work, and their mind may not be as agile as it usually is.

Stress on the Relationship

Lack of sleep can cause immense stress on any relationship. In order for proper mental and emotional functioning, humans need around 6-8 hours of quality sleep and if they are not getting this they may not be able to function properly.

Seek Treatment

Don’t allow your partner to suffer due to your snoring. Seek treatment so that both of you can enjoy a great night’s sleep every night and that your relationship is not affected by lack of sleep and poor sleep quality.

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